Our goal

The ORGANIKA association was established in 2013 by the leading companies in the sector of Non-Wood Forest Products (NWFPs) and Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs). The purpose of the association is to improve cooperation among stakeholders in this sector and further develop the sector by promoting Kosovo products in foreign export markets, and also through lobbying activities. Moreover, the ORGANIKA association aims to support all its members in becoming certified with organic standards within the next 5-7 years, and achieve that certified organic products become the majority of exports.


Members of the ORGANIKA Association are leading suppliers from the Balkans of the superior quality NWFPs and MAPs to the EU market.


The development of capacities of the NWFP and MAP operators to meet quality requirements and demands of buyers in the EU market. 

Donors and development projects

ORGANIKA, which currently has 32 members, has been supported by donors and development projects in the recent years:

  • The project of Caritas Switzerland in Kosovo “EREA” has supported the ORGANIKA Association in providing various services to its members, including advisory services and market development.
  • The project of GiZ “Entrepreneurship promotion” is supporting the development of the managerial capacities of the association as well as the development of the capacities of the members for export, training for the plants that contain PA and TA and the digitization of activities.
  • Swiss Contact’s project PPSE (Promoting Private Sector Employment) has cooperated with the association ORGANIKA for the organic certification of its members since 2017. In this process, all members of ORGANIKA have benefited for three years; this resulted in the certification of over 40 members.